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The Process


First we’ll plan a content strategy to make sure every episode shows your audience just what you have to offer.


From your recording¬† session to the publish date, I’ll have a checklist in place making the process move like clockwork.


When the audio work is done, I’ll publish to your host, send you my shownotes, and share the episode on your site.

Meet Your Podcast Producer
Jameson Cook

It takes on average 6-8 hours to produce a single podcast episode (and that’s not including creating the content). So when my wife Racheal wanted to start her podcast Uncomplicate Your Business in 2015, I became a one-stop-podcast-production team for producing the show.

When it comes to producing a weekly show, I’ve built systems to streamline the entire process so you can get back to what you do best – sharing your experience and expertise!

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